President Joe Biden gave a “voting rights” speech in Atlanta this week that even Never Trumpers were calling “unbelievably inflammatory.” Biden threw down the race card and said senators could either stand with Dr. Martin Luther King or George Wallace.

As Twitchy reported earlier, Sen. Krysten Sinema unapologetically pounded the final nails into the Democrats’ nuke-the-filibuster coffin Thursday with a floor speech in which she made more than clear — again — her support for the 60-vote threshold. We don’t know who blue-check consultant and professor Tom Watson is, but he’s exposing the “Sinema secret” — she’s a racist. It’s the laziest argument one could make so he went for it.

Are we still pretending that it’s racist to ask for photo ID at the polls?

There’s video of Sen. Barack Obama making a passionate defense of the filibuster, which he now claims is a relic of Jim Crow.

Here’s journalism school professor Jeff Jarvis:


Maybe if Sinema sees Watson’s thread she’ll realize her internal motivations and finally change her mind on the filibuster, it’s that compelling.