We were originally going to do a post on the fact-checks of President Joe Biden’s claim Tuesday in Atlanta that he’d been arrested during the civil rights movement, but a search of Twitter pulled up nothing. We were also thinking of following up on the fact-checks of his claim that it’s illegal to give people in line to vote water — something Rep. Ted Lieu proved was a lie in a top-tier self-own. But to our surprise, a search of Twitter didn’t turn up anything. We guess the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler isn’t going to start the lie counter back up.

Biden’s speech was also pretty incendiary, considering the speech he’d given on January 6 taking shots at Donald Trump and Republicans in general. Remember all the talk about “unity” during the campaign?

Biden was pandering to a mostly black audience, and even Never Trumper David French thought his speech was “unbelievably inflammatory,” recalling past racist remarks Biden has made, like his infamous “put y’all back in chains” line.

Remember when he said “you ain’t black” if you weren’t voting for him? French is right, but you know where we’re going with this, right? Time to dunk on French for promoting this guy.

That Biden reverts to racism to demonize the opposition should be a surprise to no one.