Someone in the replies has made a really good point: Wouldn’t you think, now that it’s been debunked that he was an FBI informant, that Ray Epps would be sought out by CNN and MSNBC for interviews? Have the guy on, let him repeat what he told the January 6 select committee. Even committee member Rep. Adam Kinzinger seems to have developed a soft spot for “Ray,” saying he was “just a misled man” who didn’t do anything worth arresting him for.

There are plenty of news stories and cable news segments on Epps Wednesday, a day after Sen. Ted Cruz brought him up in a hearing, but there’s no original reporting. They’re just reporting that the committee released a statement — acting as stenographers. We read the statement, and it still smells fishy; aren’t there any investigative reporters at the New York Times?

NYT national political correspondent Trip Gabriel is so sure of the committee’s statement he’s linked to Snopes.

Well, Snopes!


As a bonus, here’s Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC saying that the January 6 committee “debunked” the theory that Epps is a fed.

Even the New York Times reported that the FBI had an informant at the Capitol. Guess the Times should have Snopes fact-check their story.

Good question:

Suddenly no one in the media or in politics who’s been crowing about January 6 for over a year sees nothing wrong with a guy urging people for two days to storm the Capitol. Let him go, he’s nobody. No ambush interviews at his house, no look into his background, nothing. “Just another misled man.”