As Twitchy reported, Jen Psaki said there’s “no question” that President Joe Biden will commemorate the anniversary of January 6. CNN has announced its January 6 commemorative event with plenty of special guests — all as if Biden and CNN haven’t been mentioning January 6 all year. Remember Wolf Blitzer’s brave selfie in front of the Capitol on the nine-month anniversary of January 6?

Now the New York Times editorial board has published a piece arguing that every day is January 6 now. They’re going to milk the Capitol riots for all they’re worth, even if it means setting up a faulty security state as the U.S. did after the 9/11 attacks.

The Times writes:

After four years of chaos, cruelty and incompetence, culminating in a pandemic and the once-unthinkable trauma of Jan. 6, most Americans were desperate for some peace and quiet.

On the surface, we have achieved that. Our political life seems more or less normal these days, as the president pardons turkeys and Congress quarrels over spending bills. But peel back a layer, and things are far from normal. Jan. 6 is not in the past; it is every day.

It is regular citizens who threaten election officials and other public servants, who ask, “When can we use the guns?” and who vow to murder politicians who dare to vote their conscience. It is Republican lawmakers scrambling to make it harder for people to vote and easier to subvert their will if they do. It is Donald Trump who continues to stoke the flames of conflict with his rampant lies and limitless resentments and whose twisted version of reality still dominates one of the nation’s two major political parties.

In short, the Republic faces an existential threat from a movement that is openly contemptuous of democracy and has shown that it is willing to use violence to achieve its ends.

“Truly grappling with the threat ahead means taking full account of the terror of that day a year ago.”

This reminds us of Newsweek’s dire warning that there are “millions of angry, armed Americans” standing ready to seize power if Donald Trump doesn’t win back the presidency in 2024.

Worse than Pearl Harbor, worse than 9/11, worse than the Civil War.

Honestly, we are too. We were certain intelligence agencies would pick up “chatter” about a repeat of the “insurrection” and call in the National Guard to protect the Capitol.

The media is going to be so insufferable on the sixth.