Twitter should definitely slap a “conversations like this can be intense” warning on this tweet from Wolf Blitzer, because it just doesn’t get more intense than this:

So. Intense. The setting, the look in his eyes … just intense. Stone-cold intensity.

For now.

We appreciate that Wolf Blitzer is literally risking his life to return to the scene of an event that happened on January 6 and is not currently happening as far as we can tell.

Real News, Mr. President.

God willing, he’ll make it through this day unscathed.

Stay safe again on November 6. And December 6. And especially on January 6, because, well, obviously.

You know what? We should probably start praying for Wolf now.

Speaking of reporters acting like teenagers:

Maybe next month? Maybe Wolf and Jim can alternate months, except of course for January 6, which is so intense that it requires their collective stunning bravery.

We’ll have to mark this day on our calendars. See you all back here on October 6, 2022!