Someone recently put out a call on Twitter for male allies in the fight for abortion rights and was deluged with reminders that men don’t have uteruses and therefore have no say in the matter. On the other hand, a blue-check recently said he was not hearing from enough dudes who’d been saved from unwanted fatherhood thanks to the sacrament of abortion. And remember when the New York Times thought it had owned the cons with its hot take that if life begins at conception, then fatherhood begins at conception. By all means, make the father responsible for child support.

Now the Washington Post is reporting that men are getting vasectomies “as an act of love.” One doctor said his practice saw about a 15 percent increase in scheduled vasectomies after the Texas abortion law went into effect on

September 1.

Are they saying that men actually play a part in conception as well? It’s about time someone realized it.

The doctor said that “for the first time, patients are citing a state law as their motivating factor.”

We hear that condoms are cheap and plentiful.

That too.


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