Look, we all had a good laugh at Alyssa Milano’s expense (again) when she put her weight behind the #SexStrike — women were supposed to withhold sex until men straightened up and stopped passing all of those heartbeat bills.

As Twitchy reported, Milano was trashed by a couple of prominent feminists for assuming sex was just a commodity for women and wholly embraced by conservatives who were relieved to see a Hollywood liberal admit that abstinence and not abortion is the best form of birth control. (The Babylon Bee even revealed Miano’s new line of purity rings.)

Now The New York Times has an op-ed presenting this hot take: if a fetus is a child from conception, then doesn’t that make the man who helped create that fetus a parent from conception?

Is “John” a parent? Yes, yes he is. Pro-lifers have known that forever. And if the authors of the op-ed think men should take responsibility for unwanted pregnancies … hello, welcome to the club. Are pro-lifers supposed to feel “owned” by this op-ed?

No kidding … no sex if you don’t want to conceive a child, make the father of the child responsible, etc. They’ve finally come around.


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