As Twitchy reported earlier, an obviously delusional Alyssa Milano took credit for pro-life legislation like Georgia’s heartbeat bill “being discussed in a serious manner on our national news cycle” thanks to her tweet endorsing a sex strike, after she’d been slammed as both anti-feminist and transphobic.

The only people applauding her were conservatives who credited her with helping reduce the number of abortions through abstinence.

So it’s only a matter of hours before Snopes jumps in to “fact-check” the false narrative being promoted by the folks at Christian satire site The Babylon Bee, who did some of their best work:


Milano called for a sex strike to promote abortion rights. But she quickly realized her followers wouldn’t be able to keep their promises without a purity ring, a truth discovered by Christians many years ago. So in conjunction with a jewelry manufacturer in Beverly Hills, she launched the line of high-end purity rings on Monday.

“The best way to destroy conservative pro-lifers is by showing how well abstinence works to prevent pregnancies,” she said in a video unveiling the new rings. “Now, you can make that commitment public with my Purity line.”

The rings have inscriptions like “True Love Waits,” “Men are Evil,” and “No Sex Til Marriage,” phrases Milano says will “totally own the cons.”

No, but seriously, her tweet really got a serious discussion going on all the cable news channels.


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