Actress and Democratic activist (and #MeToo activist who excused Joe Biden’s compulsive hair-sniffing by saying he didn’t intend to make anyone uncomfortable) Alyssa Milano must have been off of Twitter over the weekend because she seems to think her tweet endorsing a nationwide sex strike was responsible for bills like Georgia’s heartbeat bill “being discussed in a serious manner on our national news cycle.”

If Milano had been paying attention, she’d know conservatives celebrated her admission that abstinence is the best birth control there is, feminists dragged her for reducing women’s bodies to a commodity, and transgender advocates hammered her for saying only “ladies” needed to worry about unwanted pregnancy (what about trans men?).

She’d also know that the national news media has never covered pro-choice legislation (or marches or demonstrations) in a serious manner; abortion on demand without apology is the media’s starting line and a slobbering puff piece about Planned Parenthood’s new president is just expected — they’re going to be covering her a lot, and by covering her, we mean reprinting her statements.

She needs to get over herself — her tweet was a massive dumpster fire and she’s trying to salvage it. In her latest tedious thread, she does give women permission to “f**k on” for their own sexual pleasure … despite having just endorsed a #SexStrike a couple of days earlier.

And the feminists and transgender activists are still mad at her:

Keep up the great work!


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