We’re kind of amazed at liberal activist Alyssa Milano’s recent track record. She was at the forefront of the #MeToo movement, and then was brutally dragged on Twitter for a thread endorsing Joe Biden, explaining away his decades of hair-sniffing and neck-kissing and groping by saying, “I believe that Joe Biden’s intent has never been to make anyone uncomfortable.” Oh, so now it’s about the man’s intent and not the woman’s discomfort? OK.

Then after posting a tweet Friday endorsing a #SexStrike in opposition to Georgia’s heartbeat bill, she found herself getting ratioed by liberals and conservatives alike: conservatives were thrilled she was admitting that abstinence works to prevent unwanted pregnancies and feminists like Jessica Valenti were ticked off that she was implying sex was just a commodity for women they could withhold to get their way.

Anyway, remember the other day when @neontaster perfectly predicted an apology to the transgender community?

As woke as Gropin’ Joe Biden endorser Alyssa Milano might think she is, she really stepped in it by using transphobic language in her #SexStrike thread:

She could have deleted the tweet and reposted it … but she didn’t.

Then Milano had better step down from her perch as the arbiter of all things progressive, then, and let someone more connected speak.

Never mind that her #SexStrike rollout was ratio’d to oblivion from three directions; the AP decided to take this angle: