Georgia’s heartbeat bill has pretty much the entire entertainment industry up in arms, with actors and film producers confirming they’re going to boycott the state. Feminists, too, are outraged, and then there’s a two-for-one deal with Bess Kalb, the writer who made Jimmy Kimmel the funniest (and not at all self-righteous or preachy) man on late-night if not all of television throughout history.

We’re back to the hypothetical “If men could get pregnant…” arguments, but that one needs some tinkering before it’s ready for 2019.

Did she just say “if” men got pregnant?

Wait for it …

She’ll “be more aware of it in the future”? So she just gets away with hate speech with no consequences?

Not without Snopes jumping in to “fact-check.”

As a bonus, not-quite-woke Lauren Duca had to apologize too for not considering the trans community: