People in Florida probably won’t get the impact of this segment, but Sunday on “Face the Nation,” the panel talked about what they thought were the biggest underreported stories of 2021. CBS News legal analyst Jan Crawford said it was the effect of COVID policies on children, who suffered the most. It’s pretty brave of her to come out and say this when you have state governors mandating masks on children as young as 2.

We think a lot of people will be speaking up in the years to come. Remember when social media piled on Bethany Mandel and called her a “grandma killer” because she wanted to be able to take her kids to the zoo? Now they have kids separated by plexiglass panels at lunch and they’re not allowed to talk to each other.

As she said, it’s one of the most underreported stories of the year.

A lot of people are bringing up the 800,000 dead with COVID while ignoring they were largely elderly people with comorbidities like obesity, not kids.