As Twitchy reported Monday, Arizona State University Students for Socialism were holding a sign-making event in preparation for Wednesday’s protest against their school allowing “racist murderer” Kyle Rittenhouse to take online classes. As the New York Post and other publications are pointing out, though, Rittenhouse isn’t currently enrolled at the school, online or otherwise. The Post reports that the socialists want to prevent his “further admission” to the school.

The student groups are still expected to hold the protest at the Tempe campus, where they will now call on ASU to deny Rittenhouse “further admission” to the school.

The students also want the university to release a statement against white supremacy while denouncing Rittenhouse as a “racist killer,” according to the groups’ demands — despite the teen being cleared of all charges over the triple shooting during riots last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

It looks like the protesters posted “revised” demands after learning Rittenhouse wasn’t even enrolled.

Drew Hernandez, whom you might recognize from taking the stand at the Rittenhouse trial, was on the scene and brought us this footage (language warning).

Rittenhouse didn’t kill black and brown people — but he’s descended from white supremacists who did kill black and brown people. It was a stretch to work racism in there, but they did it.

So this is the opposition in our upcoming civil war? Our chances look really good.

Guess that major!

Among the group’s demands are that the university redirect funding from its police department to support the multicultural center on campus, which is a safe space from white supremacy.