We know, there are a lot of hot takes on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Rep. Ayanna Pressley didn’t need a jury to tweet right after the shootings that Rittenhouse was a white supremacist domestic terrorist (that tweet is still up, by the way). But another member of Congress, Rhode Island’s David Cicilline, is the epitome of someone who didn’t watch the trial, didn’t watch the videos, and never took the time to understand what actually happened. There’d been rioting for days — enough so that CNN called the mostly peaceful protests “fiery” — and there’s no video evidence whatsoever of Rittenhouse “chasing people down.”

This is just so outstandingly wrong.

Even the prosecution admitted that Joseph Rosenbaum was involved in arson and property destruction and was swinging a chain around.

Seriously, if there’s video of Rittenhouse chasing people down the prosecution should have presented it at trial.


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