We haven’t even looked at any of Joy Reid’s program from Friday night and can’t imagine what a dumpster fire that was, but the Media Research Center’s Nicholas Fondacaro was keeping an eye on CNN and Chris Cuomo, who opined on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, claiming that Wisconsin’s law was “recklessly forgiving” and saying that “none of it feels right, because it was all wrong”; that is, if you “step aside from justice” for a moment and view it from that perspective.


We’re honestly surprised Cuomo admitted Rittenhouse was “legally justified” in shooting his attackers in self-defense.

That’s right; “step away from justice” for a minute and consider the case from an emotional perspective. None of it “feels right.”

He defended Joseph Rosenbaum, who was convicted on several counts of child molestation, by saying he’s never killed anyone and was just going to beat up Rittenhouse — and as the prosecutors argued, “everybody takes a beating sometime.”

Cuomo started his show with a lie, claiming there was “plenty to be upset about.”


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