We could write up a post on just about every line that comes out of the prosecutors’ mouths during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. As Dana Loesch has said, what’s really on trial here is self-defense. The prosecution is arguing that it’s not self-defense if you bring a gun. It’s also arguing that Rittenhouse was a coward who resorted to gunfire rather than use his fists:

Yes, there was a threat, but, you know, everybody takes a beating sometimes. Rittenhouse should have dropped his gun (or fired “warning shots” into the air) and taken a beating, according to Kenosha County Assistant District Attorney James Kraus.

So yes, they would have continued to have beaten him with a skateboard and maybe a chain, but that’s life.

It doesn’t sound like a “mostly peaceful” protest if you were supposed to take a beating for being in a place “where you know violence is basically guaranteed.”


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