Leftists really do not like the “Let’s go, Brandon” slogan. As Twitchy has reported, a very concerned Jim Sciutto of CNN wanted people using it to think of the lesson they were teaching the children. A commentator for CNN and MSNBC tweeted that “Let’s go, Brandon” is the MAGA version of “Sieg Heil.” After a Southwest Airlines pilot reportedly signed off with “Let’s go, Brandon,” CNN analyst Asha Rangappa wondered what would have happened if the pilot had said “long live ISIS” instead. And speaking of ISIS, Joe Lockhart tweeted that it was a coded message like those used by ISIS, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Nazis.

The furor has died down a bit, but the hot takes are still coming in. Gloria Johnson, a state representative from Tennessee, got the idea from a friend that “Let’s go, Brandon” should be equated with burning the flag.

True story. Remember the New York Times’ Mara Gay saying she found the dozens of American flags she saw on Long Island “just disturbing”?

File this under takes we didn’t hear for the four years Donald Trump was president.


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