Inflation is so bad and so present in everyday Americans’ lives that the White House can’t avoid talking about it. Just a couple of weeks ago, President Joe Biden said no one would trade this Thanksgiving for last year’s, even “as bad as things are.” A week later he was asking Americans if they ever thought they’d be paying this much for gas. Of course, the solution to reduce inflation is to pass Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, which the Congressional Budget Office is likely to determine does not cost zero dollars.

Sen. Rick Scott said “this is a gold mine for us,” likely referring to the 2022 midterms and how voters are going to vote against the people who brought them this crappy economy. Press Secretary Jen Psaki took it to mean that Republicans are rooting for inflation.

The liberal media is so in the tank for Biden that MSNBC ran a piece on how inflation was a good thing.


The scary thing about Psaki is she writes her own tweets; this is her hot take.


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