It’s a stretch, but we can get there. A white teen is on trial for killing two white men. However, these two white men were at a Black Lives Matters protest and were expressing their anger at the shooting of Jacob Blake by, as the prosecution itself testified, tipping over portable toilets, setting dumpsters on fire, swinging chains around, and tipping over a trailer in the middle of the road and setting it on fire to block traffic.

So it’s because these three “selfless heroes” were rioting in the name of racial justice that this trial has become about race. Rittenhouse went to Kenosha to help protect businesses that should have been burned down in the name of racial justice, so he’s a white supremacist.

We wondered if Gregory McKelvey was a parody account, but he has his pronouns in his bio and says he’s the vice-chair of the Oregon Dems Black Caucus. So he’s the real deal, and he really thinks employers should give blacks a couple of days off after the verdict because either way, it’s going to be hard for them to work.

Suppose Rittenhouse is found guilty of all counts — African Americans will still need a couple of days off to sort through their feelings?


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