As Twitchy reported, a new poll by USA Today and Suffolk University found that President Joe Biden has a 38 percent approval rating, which is really good compared to Vice President Kamala Harris’ 28 percent. One thing that’s not being widely reported, though, is the answer to another question the pollsters asked: What’s the one thing Americans want Biden to do in 2022?

Not that we don’t trust Benny Johnson, but we really wondered if this was a Photoshop:

We double-checked with the Suffolk University website, and it’s the real deal:

Survey respondents expressed significant frustration with Biden’s performance in office, so far. When asked to state the single most important goal for Biden over the next year, the number one response was “resign/retire/quit” (20%), followed by “economy/jobs” (11%), “unite/help the country” (8%), and “immigration/border patrol” (8%). And when voters were asked if Biden should run for another term in 2024, 29% answered yes while 64% said no.

Having Harris next in line for the president probably kept that number lower than it might otherwise have been.

A lot of people are dismissing this as a Fox News poll, but it isn’t. Take it up with right-wing publication USA Today.

USA Today hid the results of the question behind a paywall.

We noticed that — climate change didn’t make the list.

Once again for those who can’t read, it’s not a Fox News poll.


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