As Twitchy reported earlier, Vice President Kamala Harris, who serves as chair of the National Space Council, declared that “space activity is climate action.” She’s right, in a sense, as climate huckster Al Gore said at #COP26 that satellites will serve as the “neighborhood watch” to monitor compliance with emissions pledges.

Harris really means neighborhoods, too. She’s talking about environmental justice and wants to know if NASA can track the population of trees against race. As we reported back in September, part of the Democrat’s spending bill put $3 billion toward “tree equity,” as white folks in the suburbs have a lot of trees to shade them from climate change, whereas blacks living in the cities do not and thus suffer higher temperatures.

So NASA’s going to cooperate with the Census Bureau or something to measure tree density by race?

It literally is.

Environmental justice and tree equity are going to be pricey but necessary.