It was CNN’s Chris Cillizza who famously tweeted that, for the billionth time, reporters don’t take a side. As Twitchy reported, CNN’s Brian Stelter showed that’s not true in his framing of the budget battle, tweeting that the leader of the Democrats was “trying to pass a bill to strengthen the social safety net” while the leader of the Republicans was questioning the 2020 election in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

CNN’s John Harwood is the network’s White House correspondent, which means he’s supposed to be one of the straight news guys at the network. However, his bias has long been apparent, and on Thursday he laid out the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

We learned earlier from the White House’s “Life of Linda” that government is the only daddy you’ll ever need — poor dad didn’t even make an appearance in the story of Linda’s life.

Yes, they did. Great choice.

Harwood’s jealous that Jim Acosta got bumped up to his own show where he can spout Democrat talking points all he wants.