Build Back Better is on its way, at least if Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have anything to say about it.

Now, some of you people might be worried about what Build Back Better would mean for you should it come to pass. Not to worry, though. According to the “Life of Linda,” everything’s gonna be great and everyone’s gonna be happy and we’re all going to love it so much:

Pretty generous of Linda to not abort Leo so that he, too, can grow up to someday depend on the government for everything.

Anyone else have the warm fuzzies?

The government is Leo’s Dad. That’s more than good enough.

Now you’re getting it!

Why are there so many groceries on those shelves? Must’ve been a mistake. They’ll have to fix that in the next edition.

Crap. They’ll have to fix that one, too!

It’s fun! Everyone knows that cartoons are happy and fun and happy!

Shhhh … no need to worry about that now. Just dream of all the free things you’ll be able to get with your free money, just like Linda.

“Life of Julia” walked so “Life of Linda” could run.