We’ve been writing a lot about CNN today. They’re scrambling: the Democrats are in disarray over the budget, the sticking point is two Democratic senators, and they risk embarrassing President Joe Biden while he’s overseas in Europe if they don’t pass what he wants, so of course CNN is nervous. Brian Stelter and John Harwood have already acted as cheerleaders for the DNC, and on Thursday, CNN’s John Avlon picked up on The Daily Beast’s report (based on Aaron Rupar’s clipped video) that Sen. Ted Cruz attempted to defend the Nazi salute — something Attorney General Merrick Garland also “defended.”

Here’s John Sexton from Twitchy sister-site Hot Air:

Here’s the clip, entitled, “Avlon calls out Cruz’s attempt at defending Nazi salutes.”

It goes from Vox’s Aaron Rupar to The Daily Beast to CNN, climbing up the chain.

Just watch the clip CNN broadcast … Cruz was very specifically talking about the First Amendment.

He’s clearly relying on the National School Boards Association’s letter, which the NSBA has since recanted and apologized for, and over which many state chapters severed ties with the NSBA.

We just searched CNN’s website again for “Loudon County” for its report on that rape and the transfer of the rapist to another school, where there was another rape. Again, the most recent result is a piece about a drive-in movie theater in Loudon County, Tennessee from August.

Within five days of the NSBA’s “domestic terrorist” letter, Garland had sent out a memo to the FBI.

CNN is garbage.