Does Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis deserve credit? Weren’t you listening to MSNBC’s Joy Reid last night? DeSantis is inviting cops who’ve lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates to come to Florida and “breathe on” as many “vulnerable senior citizens” as possible, sending them to the ICU and killing them. Of course, Ron “DeathSantis” doesn’t deserve credit for anything.

Yahoo News’ Andrew Romano ventured out on a limb, though, and seemed to pose the question in good faith: does DeSantis deserve credit for Florida’s COVID rate?

Romano writes:

But don’t congratulate Florida just yet.

Like everything else about America’s COVID ordeal, the state’s declining infection numbers are being turned into political talking points. Conservatives on Twitter and Fox News now claim that Florida’s turnaround vindicates the hands-off policies of Republican Gov. (and likely 2024 presidential hopeful) Ron DeSantis, who spent his summer prohibiting local schools, businesses and governments from trying to minimize transmission by requiring masks or vaccination while emphasizing costly post-infection treatments such as monoclonal antibodies instead.

Where are all of the stories about all of the other governors and their states?