So, which is it, a baby or a clump of cells? Most pro-choice people we’ve heard argue that a baby is just a clump of cells until it isn’t anymore. We’ve heard that no one is for abortion, and yet there’s also a group out there called Shout Your Abortion winning awards. On her short-lived TV show, comedian Michelle Wolf held a star-spangled salute to abortion.

In any case, Portland is now offering bereavement leave for birthing people who have an abortion.

KATU News reports that under the new policy, employees are able to take off three days of work after an abortion or any type of pregnancy loss. Putting miscarriage and abortion in the same category seems a stretch, though.

We can honestly see the thinking behind this policy, but if you’re one of those women who celebrate abortion, do you still get the three days off, or are you back at work the next day because it was just a reproductive health procedure?