The 21st annual Webby Awards site offers plenty of categories for voters to navigate, but if you check under Websites > Activism, you’ll find that “Shout Your Abortion” and “Women’s footprint in history” are currently neck-and-neck at 30 percent each.

Voting ends tomorrow, and Shout Your Abortion co-founder Amelia Bonow and supporters are hoping women will provide that final push to give life to her goal of winning a Webby.

Shouting your abortion is so cool it even made it to the main stage of the Democratic National Convention last summer, when NARAL Pro-Choice America president Ilyse Hogue was cheered for having had the foresight to know “it was the wrong time” for her to have a child.

Wow, the tension and excitement is like … waiting to have that abortion so you can … shout it! You’d hate to look back at your life in a few years and be stuck wishing you’d gotten pregnant and then had that abortion so you could talk about it with all your friends who did.

* * *