This shtick is already so old. Back in 2019, we learned about BirthStrike, a U.K.-based group of birthing people who are too afraid to have children because of their fear of climate change. Rather than treat them like loons, CNN picked up on their crusade, which was endorsed by many — if you’re too afraid of climate change to have children, don’t.

The Spectator must have thought it was time for yet another piece about having children when the world is so close to becoming inhabitable.

Tom Woodman writes:

About four years ago, my wife and I, who are both in our thirties, briefly thought we were having a baby. For the next few nights my dreams were of nuclear flashes lighting up the sky, of the earth cracking open and of waves lapping at the front door.

Humans are swiftly making the planet uninhabitable. Why would we want to bring another human being into the world? I’ll admit that my climate anxiety is as melodramatic as it is severe. But polls show that I’m not alone and the figures of declining birth rates speak for themselves.

Woodman cites two reasons for his anxieties. First, bringing a child into the world just increases humanity’s climate footprint, and second, he can’t protect his child, “not even just from the severe and multifaceted effects of climate collapse, but also from the all-pervading dread that comes with the looming prospect of climate disaster, which drains every part of life and worsens by the year.”

Actually, it’s pretty easy to prevent climate change from becoming an “all-pervading dread” in your kids; don’t plant it in them.

These are so tedious.

Just don’t have kids and have it at that … no need to virtue signal in the media about it.