Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is speaking to a huge crowd at SXSW Saturday night — how she got from D.C. to Austin without burning fossil fuels is a mystery — and she’s holding forth on a lot of topics we’ll save for tomorrow (e.g., her opinion that America is “garbage”).

We only bring her up now because she was brave enough to tackle the question of whether it’s OK to still have children; “It’s a moral issue,” she said, noting that watered-down proposals to stop climate change are going to kill us.

That brings us to BirthStrike, the clever name of a U.K.-based group who are too afraid to have children because of their fear of climate change. Blythe Pepino and Alice Brown spoke to the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire about how their fears have grown.

We appreciate that Brown was compassionate enough to realize she’d only pass down her fears about climate change to her children, so it’s best not to have any.

Whoa … how can we be sure there’ll still be a world in 20 years? We’ve been told 12.