Glenn Greenwald admits that yes, he’s still on the Hunter Biden laptop story, and he should be. Everyone should be. Social media blocked people from sharing the New York Post’s story, and the Post was locked out of its Twitter account for something like six weeks because it wouldn’t take down the story. That’s absolutely crazy. As we reported, the New York Times recently stealth-edited the word “unsubstantiated” out of a piece mentioning the laptop — that’s as close to a correction as we’ll get.

And then, on September 21, POLITICO mentioned that the new book about the Bidens by its reporter Ben Schreckinger confirmed that the emails, including the one about a proposed venture with Chinese energy executives including the line, “10 held by H for the big guy?” were real, not Russian information, as everyone but the Post ventured.

Greenwald notes that no one in the media is anxious to correct the record:


Russel Brand picked it up.

How many media outlets even covered John Durham’s indictment of Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman for his role in the Alfa Bank hoax?

We don’t think Schreckinger’s book even got a fraction of the media publicity than that book about the Second Amendment not being about guns but about “anti-blackness” did.

Yep … all the tweets and stories about “Russian disinformation” are still up. So’s Clinton’s tweet about the Alfa Bank hoax. No one cares that it’s all out there and it was all a lie.