In late August, POLITICO’s Alex Thompson published a piece critical of the Biden administration as the Taliban took back Afghanistan and chaos gripped the airport. “Politico is now Tass and Pravda,” tweeted one reader, while Democratic strategist Kaivan Shroff called POLITICO “a rightwing propaganda organization” and even traced the post-POLITICO careers of former staffers as proof.

Never mind that, only a couple of weeks later, on September 11, POLITICO was back to publishing puff pieces about the president, writing about how Joe Biden had stepped into the role that had defined his public life: the consoler.

Glenn Greenwald decided to take a look at right-wing propaganda organization POLITICO’s top five trending stories, eight months into the Biden presidency, following the Afghanistan debacle, the droning of an aid worker and his children, the border crisis in Del Rio, etc.

We don’t see any of the Biden administration’s great successes topping the list.