We’ve actually already covered this story; a couple of days ago, the New York Times published a piece on how Dr. Jill Biden wasn’t standing on the sidelines when it came to her husband’s most elusive campaign promise — winning the “battle for the soul of the nation.” On Wednesday, the Orlando Sentinel picked up and republished the piece, quoting the first line in its tweet:

As the Times reports:

The summer was a rough one for President Joe Biden.

Another pandemic surge prompted Biden, a veteran moderate, to attack Republican governors and embrace vaccine mandates. A bipartisan infrastructure deal hung in the balance. The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, during which 13 service members were killed in a terrorist attack, was criticized as violent and haphazard.

But the events left another Biden feeling bruised.

“I love him, and it’s hurtful,” Jill Biden said in an interview, the first she has granted to a newspaper since becoming first lady. “I do feel the sting of it. I wouldn’t be a good partner if I didn’t.”

“A veteran moderate” is having a tough summer and so is his wife.

Well, the cost of your Fourth of July barbecue was down 16 cents.


Biden hasn’t had a summer this rough since his run-in with Corn Pop while he was lifeguarding.