When Joe Biden was running for president, his promises included a pledge to unify the nation:

It probably won’t surprise you that polls are showing Biden’s promise to unify the nation isn’t being viewed as coming to fruition:

And now the New York Times is attempting to come to the rescue. Notice how this is framed to make Biden’s failure to unite the country sound more like the fault of the people. In any case, the first lady is apparently trying to help:

Biden himself doesn’t seem to have been too interested in winning that particular battle.


Maybe Dr. Biden can deal with that one when she’s done helping Joe with the unity promise.

The politician who once told a black audience that Mitt Romney was going to “put y’all back in chains” isn’t fulfilling his “unity” promise. We’re shocked… shocked!

That too! Biden’s several-decade political career has been based on division, which is why his “unity” promise was and is a total joke.