As Twitchy reported, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is testifying remotely before the House Foreign Affairs Committee today, and if you thought that Blinken wasn’t at some point going to blame the Trump administration for the debacle in Afghanistan, you were wrong. Blinken noted to the committee that the Biden administration inherited a deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan, not a plan.

But we’d been assured the Biden administration had planned for any contingency. Plus, they moved the deadline back, most likely so President Biden could make the withdrawal from Afghanistan the centerpiece of his Sept. 11 remarks.

And even as the deadline loomed, the Taliban made it clear to the Biden administration that there’d be no extensions, despite Biden having told George Stephanopoulos we weren’t leaving until all Americans were out.


This is no different than the Biden administration saying it had to start from “square one” with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.