Usually, when anti-critical race theory crusader Christopher Rufo posts one of his threads about a company’s “diversity” training, he says, “This will shock you.” He doesn’t say that this time, which is fine, because it doesn’t shock us anymore, and most of these anti-racism initiatives use all the same PowerPoint slides and cite the usual suspects such as Ibram X. Kendi and Nicole Hannah-Jones. Google’s anti-racism initiative is no different than all the rest: participants start out by filling out “identity maps” of their race, gender, etc., and then place themselves on a hierarchy of oppression.

The slides provided by the Lapido Group include a Wheel of Power/Privilege with such attributes as gender, skin color, sexuality, body size, and education so you can see if you’re part of a marginalized group in the “Oppression Olympics.”

Kendi said that “the heartbeat of racism is denial” when Sen. Tim Scott said that America is not a racist nation.

“Make America Great Again” being considered socially acceptable white supremacy was in a similar pyramid used by the U.S. Army as part of its “Operation Inclusion.” (Note to President Biden: “You’re so articulate” is covert white supremacy.)

Ben Shapiro barely made the White Supremacy Pyramid, landing right above “All Lives Matter” but two levels below Donald Trump.

As we said, we’re not shocked anymore because we’ve seen it all before, from corporations to school districts to the U.S. military and government.