As we’re writing this, we’re getting word of another big explosion being felt far and wide in Kabul, meaning there could be even more casualties than there have been already. The only claim Biden supporters could make up until today was that the evacuations were proceeding successfully with no Americans having been killed. Now, with at least a dozen Marines killed, that talking point no longer stands, so they’re turning their frustration on Republicans.

As Twitchy reported, Crooked Media’s Brian Beutler claimed that Republicans are praying for American casualties “so they can wave the bloody shirt” and campaign on the Kabul attacks.

Now blue-check Chris Hahn, the “Aggressive Progressive,” is joining in, claiming that the GOP is rooting for our enemies because there’s a Democrat in the White House. Rooting for our enemies? The Biden administration are the ones sharing intel with our enemies because we’re counting on them to keep Americans safe.

Or even Barack Obama.

He’s set to speak in about half an hour … maybe he’ll reveal his contingency plan and put us all at ease.