As the Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis pointed out earlier, supporters of President Biden have nothing to point to other than the speed of the evacuations out of Afghanistan. Yes, tens of thousands of people have been evacuated, but how many are Afghan refugees, and how many are American citizens? How many American citizens have yet to be evacuated? And what was the deal leaving behind tens of millions in military hardware for the Taliban?

The Democratic National Committee on Tuesday released a statement crowing that Biden had defied expectations (again), which is sort of true. Our expectations of him were total incompetence, and he’s managed to exceed those expectations. The DNC also says Biden has exceeded his own goal in evacuating people from Kabul.

Even George Stephanopoulos told Biden, we’ve all seen the photos of people plummeting to their deaths … but that was four days ago, five days ago. Forget about it.

We can always count on conservative blogger Jen Rubin to stand up for her president.

This really is unbelievable, but they had to say something.