As Twitchy reported Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki assured the press corps that the United States would continue to lead in the world — “including being the leaders in evacuating.” A quick look at the timeline of White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain shows that he’s trying to promote the speed at which people are being evacuated from Afghanistan, although of the tens of thousands of people he cites, we’re curious to know how many are Americans and how many are Afghan refugees.

Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis has a nice little thread Tuesday noting that the only thing Biden supporters have to brag about is the speed at which we’re bugging out of Afghanistan.

That was the big concern of Bill Kristol last weekend; if the Biden administration doesn’t succeed, we could see a Trumpist Republican win the 2024 election … as if that’s the crucial reason President Biden must not entirely screw up the withdrawal.

As Twitchy reported last week, Klain mansplained what’s happening in Kabul to CNN’s Clarissa Ward who is in Kabul watching the planes take off from the airport.

If you check Jennifer Rubin’s timeline, you can see her scold the media for presupposing the evacuation won’t be complete by next Tuesday.

For what it’s worth, Lewis is getting hammered in the replies for being a warmonger who wants our troops in Afghanistan for another 20 years.