Anti-critical race theory warrior Christopher Rufo is reporting that a school district on which he reported a year ago is being sued by two teachers, who argue that “public schools are an arm of the government” and that “the First Amendment makes clear that the government cannot discriminate based on viewpoint, cause individuals to self-censor, or force individuals to accept beliefs with which they do not agree.” Among those beliefs is in the prioritization of equity over equality: “equality strives for equal opportunity and colorblind treatment under the law, while equity in practice is an official license to punish individuals based on their skin color.”

That’s standard practice in “anti-racism” training … have executives or teachers or students rank themselves on the basis of privilege and then segregate them into oppressors and the oppressed. The most intersectional are the most oppressed.

Gov. Ralph Northam is in trouble: He’s guilty of both overt white supremacy (blackface) and covert white supremacy (dressing up as Michael Jackson for a dance contest).

Notice how broad the net is for covert white supremacy: “colorblindness” is “socially acceptable” white supremacy, as is saying “All Lives Matter” and “white silence.”

We’d remind you that this pyramid which ranks “Make America Great Again” at the top of the covert white supremacy pile has been used by a lot of organizations, including the U.S. Army’s “Operation Inclusion.”

“The supervisor explained that disagreeing with the prompts would be considered disrespectful, and that in a prior Zoom training, a teacher was reprimanded for holding up a ‘Disagree’ sign.”

They say critical race theory is only taught in law schools, but stuff like this seems to be the standard in teacher training these days and is to dictate to teachers how they do their jobs.