As Twitchy reported Wednesday night, Fox News’ Bret Baier seemed to think President Biden was returning home to Delaware on Thursday, and FAA advisories seemed to confirm that report. We were told by an AP reporter that Biden had a “non-public day” Thursday but was busy with Afghanistan, COVID, and his Build Back Better agenda.

We’ve since learned that the White House called a travel photo lid Thursday afternoon.

It’s possible the lid could be lifted; after all, the lid on Biden called early Tuesday was lifted so that reporters could get video of Biden flying back into D.C. from Camp David at 8:40 p.m. (and promptly going to bed, we presume).

She was back Monday, but there was no press briefing Thursday.

CNN’s Jim Acosta was informing us of Donald Trump’s golf outings as recently as February, a month into Biden’s term.

Was there something going on Thursday afternoon that the White House didn’t want to be photographed?

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Seriously, what’s the big secret here? If the Bidens are going to Delaware, just say so.