As Twitchy reported Tuesday, the White House lifted its lid in anticipation of President Biden returning to the White House at 8:40 p.m., apparently hoping the media would get some video of him walking from Marine One to the White House. He had a busy day Wednesday, giving an interview to George Stephanopoulos and giving a short speech blaming Republican governors for not implementing mask mandates and leaving without taking questions (again).

If our timeline is correct, Biden ordered more troops to Afghanistan last Thursday before flying to Delaware to pick up his prescriptions and a toothbrush for his long weekend at Camp David. Things got ugly, and he flew to the White House Monday to give his abysmal 20-minute finger-pointing exercise and then flew back to Camp David to round out that vacation. Then he flew in again Tuesday evening for his Wednesday interview and speech. And now Bret Baier is suggesting he’s on his way back to Delaware for a long weekend.

Fox News’ Bret Baier seems to be the only one reporting this, but it’s easy to believe, after Biden skipped out last weekend as Afghanistan was being overrun by the Taliban.

We’d read a story last week which said Biden isn’t releasing visitor logs to his home in Wilmington, so we have no idea who’s coming and going … not unless CNN parks a surveillance van outside his house. So that might be a bonus of going to Delaware.

We can always count of CBS News’ Mark Knoller to keep track of the numbers. This is as of Saturday:

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We’re just learning that there won’t be a White House press briefing Thursday either: