President Biden delivered remarks this afternoon, and early reports said that he would focus on Covid-19 and recommend booster shots for the vaccinated.

However, there’s no way the president could avoid mentioning what’s happening in Afghanistan, right? No, not right.

The elephant in the room just stood there as Biden used the opportunity to go after Republican governors, all as Afghanistan descends into chaos for U.S. citizens desperate to get out of the country:

“Shameless” is a low bar for career politician Joe Biden, but he somehow eclipsed his previous record.

Here’s a clip of Biden’s “priorities” this week:

Biden never mentioned Afghanistan, and at the conclusion of his meandering remarks about Covid-19, masks and attempts to blame Republican governors, he got out as fast as possible:

Run away!

Biden can’t take questions on Afghanistan just in case somebody asks why the military was pulled out before civilians instead of the other way around. Or maybe Biden doesn’t want to be asked this question:

Instead we get “turn and run away” from the president.