The New York Post has been busy reporting on activist Shaun King lately. Early last week they reported that he and his family had moved out of a luxury rental in Brooklyn and into an $842,000 house in New Jersey (which doesn’t even come close to what Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors has dropped on real estate).

A week later, Yahoo News had reported that King was seeking donations to help move his family out of that New Jersey home, relocate, and hire 24/7 security. “To be frank — we just don’t have it,” he wrote.

Now we’re learning that King is starting a private fashion line, selling T-shirts and hoodies to his private community on Instagram.

The Post reports:

The controversial civil rights activist, dogged by allegations of shady dealings and a lack of transparency in his charitable fundraising, is now peddling a line of T-shirts and hoodies on social media.

“Instagram. This is just for you,” King posted Wednesday to his 3.8 million Instagram followers. “Only selling them here to our private community.”

The collection, dubbed “A Real One” and in the works for more than a year, launches next month, claimed King, 41.