We have a pretty good idea of where the Washington Post stands on the issue of critical race theory in public schools. The Post’s piece about the fight over CRT in Loudon County, Virginia, posited that conservative activists have weaponized critical race theory to claim schools are teaching children to hate one another. This was after the Post gave space to a 17-year-old to write about her opposition to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ban on critical race theory in schools.

The paper seems to have it in for anti-CRT crusader Christopher Rufo as well. As proof, Rufo pulled up 10 articles and opinion pieces critiquing his mission to keep CRT out of schools and government:

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler seems to be working on another hit piece against Rufo, claiming that he hijacked the work of someone else and took credit for exposing the CRT training going on in Seattle public schools. That person was Karlyn Borysenko, whose tweet Rufo included in a query to the city — so Kessler claims Rufo is “falsely claiming he had an anonymous tipster helping him. And now it seems he’s hijacked the whole thing into some kind of anti-White attack, which I don’t think was your original intention.”

Your thoughts, Karlyn, before I publish?

You wouldn’t want to be tied up with Rufo’s belief that critical race theory is some sort of “anti-White attack,” would you, Karlyn?