Christopher Rufo has gotten stuff done. As we’ve said, he’s become a clearinghouse for whistleblowers uploading documents from their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) seminars and assignments from kids’ classrooms. He brings the receipts and doesn’t apologize for what he’s doing.

Because the right-wing has coalesced around anti-CRT efforts, leftists, meaning the mainstream news media, have decided they have to champion critical race theory, but they can’t decide if it’s not being taught in K-12 or if it should be taught in K-12 public school classrooms. On Saturday, Rufo pulled up 10 articles, both news stories and opinion pieces, from the Washington Post alone.

“Critical race theory’s opponents are sure it’s bad. Whatever it is.” “Power Up: Critical race theory advances the GOP’s culture war.” “The White Scare: The critical race theory debate echoes with history.” “Why conservatives really fear critical race theory.”

OK, we get that conservatives think it’s bad, but can you come up with some solid arguments why critical race theory should be integrated into public school curriculums?

Exactly. Their best argument for CRT is that conservatives are against it, so it must be good.