The left-wing media has now forced itself into the position of defending critical race theory, or as the Washington Post calls it, “equity conscious” education, after having denied schools were teaching it and it was nothing more than a subject in law school. Joy Reid is on MSNBC nearly every night now talking about the critical race theory “bogeyman,” and we’ve had hit pieces on parents who oppose it from NBC News, The Intercept, Vanity Fair, Slate, and now the Washington Post. They seem convinced that only white conservatives oppose CRT, which is their first mistake.

The Post is correct, though, in calling Loudon County, Virginia, ground zero in the fight against critical race theory in schools. We’ve done tons of posts on Loudon County, where proponents of CRT have solicited hackers to take down anti-CRT websites put up by parent groups.

They didn’t integrate the community pool in the ’60s? Sounds like Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s beach club in 2021.

Let’s back up a couple of tweets, to where WaPo says these conservative activists and pundits have “weaponized” critical race theory to claim that “equity-conscious school systems” are teaching white children to hate themselves.

The Democrats know this, like defunding the police, is a losing issue, but they have no choice but to double down on it, with the help of the mainstream media.