This is a good question from CBS News’ Steven Portnoy. We’ve seen plenty of Americans on social media wondering what happened to “norms” now that President Biden has bucked advice from legal scholars who informed him an extension of the CDC’s eviction moratorium would be struck down as unconstitutional. Even the Washington Post reported on Biden’s “novel” defense that maybe what he did was illegal, but it was worth it.

Portnoy wanted to know what sort of message Biden was sending to Americans concerned that he was signaling that he doesn’t respect the law. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki blew off that question, saying she doesn’t believe Americans are evaluating it that way, then pivoting and saying the president would do whatever he could “in his power” to keep people in their (landlords’) homes.

There are millions of Americans who are more than just “disappointed.”

Even the press seems surprised at this overreach.

Everyone she’s talked to in the office says it’s cool.

Where’s the moratorium on property taxes?

Yes, Americans are evaluating Biden’s disrespect for the rule of law to that degree.