Rep. Cori Bush has to learn to do her stunts during the workweek because we were on all weekend and never noticed that she’d taken up camping on the Capitol Steps to demand the House reconvene to pass an extension to the eviction moratorium — a ban the Supreme Court has refused to extend. On Monday, the White House distanced itself from the issue, with economist Gene Sperling saying “the CDC director and her team have been unable to find legal authority” to extend the moratorium.

We haven’t seen such bravery since Rep. Al Green sat on the Capitol steps in March in the face of a possible right-wing militia attack on the Capitol that saw Congress leave early and cancel the next day.

She was still out there Sunday morning, though media coverage was light, to say the least.

We can see that plenty of people donated junk food.

President Biden has created more jobs than anyone could have imagined … just ask him.

They’re with her in spirit, or at least on Twitter.