As Twitchy reported Sunday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi got a lesson in civics from Twitter after she posted that the CDC has the power to extend the federal eviction moratorium, despite the fact that the Supreme Court ruled in June that it couldn’t without congressional approval. The congressional approval didn’t come, despite Rep. Cori Bush camping out on the Capitol steps over the weekend to demand the House reconvene and vote on an extension.

Gene Sperling, who is responsible for overseeing the implementation of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, went before the press Monday and said the administration was doubling, tripling, even quadrupling down on looking into its legal options. His answer to Yamiche Alcindor’s question was almost as incomprehensible as if Biden had delivered it himself, but Alcindor wanted to know if the White House could force the Supreme Court to make a decision on the extension.

If Biden himself had led the press conference, would the question even have been asked? Because that would have been uncomfortable.