The CDC has flip-flopped on masks for the vaccinated based on new science that will be revealed to the public in a few days, apparently. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and Dr. Anthony Fauci will insist that they’re just going where the science leads them, but the messaging has been terrible: does the current vaccine guard against the dreaded Delta variant or not? We saw a tweet from CNN earlier reporting that Pfizer is going to recommend a third jab, so even if you’re vaccinated, you’re not vaccinated.

Drew Holden has put together another thread, this one chronicling Fauci’s recommendations since the start of the pandemic.

That’s when media outlets were telling us to worry about the flu, not the coronavirus.

We’re seeing the word “reverses” a lot.

And then we’re supposed to trust the guardians of social media to protect us from misinformation. They’ve clamped down on open discussion and entrusted everything to the CDC’s website. At least the media kept busy speculating on whether Fauci was the sexiest man alive.